Tax Credit For Energy Star Qualified Windows and Doors

All of our basement window installations are Energy Star rated and will qualify you for a tax credit.

To be eligible for the credit, windows, doors and skylights must:

  • Meet the Energy Star program requirements.
  • Be installed in a taxpayer's primary residence.

Homeowners may receive a tax credit equal to 10% of the product cost (installation costs may NOT be included) up to:

  • $200 for eligible windows and skylights
  • $500 for eligible doors

For example, if you purchase $5,000 worth of upgraded-glass windows and doors from Connecticut Cellar Doors, you may get the maximum 10% tax credit of $500 – making the real cost of your windows only $4,500.

Homeowners may receive no more than $500 total for all energy efficiency tax credits. If you claimed an energy efficiency credit in a previous taxable year, please consult a tax professional or visit to determine your remaining eligibility for this credit.

For more information about this credit or those from previous years, visit and see the instructions for Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits.

The residential energy property credit, which expired at the end of December 2014, was extended for two years through December 2016 by the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015. The credit had previously been extended by legislation several times. See Notice 2013-70 for more information on this credit as well as the credit for alternative energy equipment. However, please note that the law has been updated since this notice was released.

Taxpayers who upgrade their homes to make use of renewable energy may be eligible for a tax credit to offset some of the costs. As of the 2018 tax year, the federal government offers the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit. The credits are good through 2019 and then are reduced each year through the end of 2021. Claim the credits by filing Form 5695 with your tax return.

We highly recommend that you consult your own tax accountant for specific information regarding tax credits and how it may benefit you.

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