Premium Powder Coating

CT Cellar Doors has been at the forefront of cellar door innovation for years. We were the first Company in the area to offer a coating process for cellar doors which was quickly copied by manufactures and competitors alike.

To this day, no Company has come close to the superior Powder Coating method used by CT Cellar Doors. Cutting corners is not an option with our proprietary Powder Coating method, and our exclusive multi-step process ensures years of trouble free protection and coating for your new cellar door.

Our Process

Connecticut Cellar Doors Powder Coating System is a six (6) step, two-coat process combining optimum corrosion protection with high weather resistance. Our Powder Coat System is recommended for marine and coastal environments and will provide years of trouble free service virtually eliminating the need to re-paint your door.

We are the ONLY Cellar Hatchway installer in the country to use this method for providing hatchway longevity and provide a professional finished look.

The base for the excellent corrosion resistance is provided by the dry protective, marine grade zinc rich primer. This two coat system warrants an optimum non-porous film as well as an excellent UV protection through the use of high quality polyester coatings.

Upon arrival from the fabricator, our Premium, 12 gauge, steel cellar door is completely bead blasted (#1) to bare metal then baked at high temperature (#2)to remove any impurities on the metal surface in preparation for the initial 1st coat of Dry-protective primer.

After preparing the door, a base coat of Dry-protective primer (zinc rich) is applied (#3) insuring complete coverage of the cellar door to provide optimum corrosion protection. The primer is then baked again at high temperature (#4)to insure complete adhesion of the primer.

The final process involves spraying a colored topcoat (#5) which is also baked at high temperature (#6) insure complete adhesion and provide superior corrosion protection.

Don’t be fooled by Competitors who say they’ll “paint” your cellar door for free. The truth is, painting the door alone just won’t last. CT Cellar Doors is the only Company in the state that offers this level of powder coated protection.

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