window well bubblesWindow Well Bubbles

Connecticut Cellar Doors window well bubbles are made from super-strong 3/16″ Plexiglas® Acrylic plastic. They are so well made they are guaranteed for life from the manufacturer against defects in materials and workmanship.

With decades of experience, we’ve provided more custom window well bubbles than anyone else in the business. If we can’t cover it, no one can!

window well coversFor all quotes we request that you use our Measuring Instruction form and either email ( or fax (203-591-9505) it back to us. Please use the links below and print out the appropriate form for either Masonry/Wood or Metal wells. Even better, call our office at 866-483-0576 and we’ll send you the correct form.


egress window wellsAs with our Premium Cellar Doors and custom-measured cellar replacement windows we provide window well bubbles for all basement window well covers, egress window wells and more!

Window Well Bubbles features

  • Superior Quality
  • Made From 3/16″ Plexiglas® Acrylic Plastic
  • Beautiful and Lightweight
  • Provide Security for Unsafe Window Wells
  • Custom Made to Fit Your Window Well
  • All Shapes and Sizes

Here are answers to some common questions:

Why do I need to fill out the Measuring Form?

We have many years of experience custom manufacturing window well covers. This experience has allowed us to develop this form which, when filled out in its entirety, gives all of the information we need to quote a cover that will fit properly. When we have all of the requested dimensions, we are able to accurately determine which model and size is the most appropriate for your wells. Remember, we will determine the correct cover size. All you need to submit are the actual dimensions as requested on the Measuring Form. We will do the rest.

Is there a guarantee?

All of our Window well covers are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Our covers are made of 3/16″ clear Plexiglas® Acrylic. We use acrylic sheet because it has proven for over 50 years to be an exceptionally good material in its ability to withstand weather, sun and a wide range of temperatures in outdoor use.

Although this material is very durable and strong, it may break under impact in some circumstances. Window covers are not guaranteed against breakage due to abuse or impact from lawn mowers, weed trimmers, utility or maintenance workers, etc.
We recommend removing the cover when maintenance work is being performed in the area of the well. Roofers, painters, siding installers and landscapers are a few of the worst offenders of damaged window well covers.

Our covers are designed to fit on or over top of metal, wood, plastic and masonry window wells. They are designed to keep out rain, snow, leaves and other debris. They are not designed to sit or stand on. DO NOT STAND, SIT or STEP on your covers. Safety warning labels are available upon request.

DO NOT DRILL or CUT the cover without first calling our office. Plexiglas® Acrylic will crack and/or break if not worked properly. Altering your cover will void the warranty.

How do I clean/care for my Window well cover?

We recommend that your cover be removed from your wells whenever you are having maintenance done around your home. Cleaning your Window well cover is simple. Hose it down with water and mild dish detergent. Do not use paper towels or rags to wipe off the dirt. Using your bare hand (make sure you do not have rings on), swish the soapy water over the cover and hose off with clean water. Plexiglas® will scratch if cleaned with any abrasive substance. DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER OR ABRASIVES ON Plexiglas®.

What is required to install my Window well cover?

All Window well covers come complete with installation hardware and instructions. For most applications, you will need a ¼” masonry drill bit and power drill. See the assembly instructions for each model for specific installation instructions. This information can be found on each model’s Spec sheet provided with your cover.