Foundation Crack Repair


CRACK-REPAIR-1Crack injection is designed for cracks in poured concrete walls. It does not work on concrete block walls because of their hollow cores. It is usually applied from the inside, which avoids digging on the outside of the walls.


It is suitable for hairline cracks, as well as wide cracks (up to 1/2″).


Crack injection works by filling the entire length and depth of the crack. It permanently stops water leaks and also, prevents water from getting into the concrete and deteriorating it further. No drilling is needed.


Our standard injection kits use polyurethane, which forcefully expands to fill the entire crack and even a void on the outside. If structural strength is definitely required, use our epoxy crack injection kits, which is more exacting. Epoxy does not expand and tends to run out of the back of the crack. A 1/4″ wide crack will need twice as much epoxy as a 1/8″ crack.


Please contact us directly for a full foundation analysis and how the specialists art Connecticut Cellar Doors can stop your leaks.