Basement Entry Door Installation


CT Cellar Doors, LLC can build a foundation extension or areaway to fit any basement door system. We use poured concrete to ensure accurate construction of the areaway foundation and the door opening. Our basement entry door installation service guarantees a weather- and watertight fit.

The door unit is assembled on site and installed on top of the foundation wall. The assembled door unit is then lowered in place and blocked so that a concrete cap can be shoveled underneath. Finishing the cap by sloping it away from the bulkhead and smoothing the concrete will allow for water runoff and a leakproof seal with minimum caulking. If you have used our basement stairway installation service then the cap will be in place and ready for a door installation.

We will bolt the door frame into the concrete and use gasketing for a tight seal. Finish up with a coat of metal enamel to improve the look and life of your basement entry door.

CT Cellar Doors, LLC Basement Entry Door

These high quality, metal, or fiberglass doors are installed at the bottom of an entry staircase, at the bottom of the foundation.

  • Made of high strength insulated steel
  • Custom sized for a proper fit
  • Fully gasketed on all 4 sides
  • Standard keyed doorknob, optional deadbolt
  • Triple hinged for durability
  • Optional slide-up window and screen for light and ventilation



Basement Entry Door Installation


  • No hassle installation
  • We can provide any masonry work required
  • Weather tight caulking
  • Full site cleanup
  • Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed
  • We show up when we say we will
  • Professional, high quality workmanship, yet affordable

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